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A chunk is a piece of content on the Editmode platform.
A collection is a way of grouping together content that has the same fields.
A collaborator is a team member who can log in to the Editmode Content Hub and view or update content.
API Access
Our API allows programmatic access to Editmode content. You can view our API docs at
Magic Editor
The Magic Editor works with web sites and web apps, and allows team members to make changes to content inline on the web page where the content appears. 
Image Transformations
Use image transformations to serve custom images to your users. Resize, crop, compress and re-focus images directly from your codebase with our client libraries, or via the Editmode API.
Variables allow developers to define placeholders like which can be replaced with personalized user data.
Version History
Version history allows administrators to view the historic changes that have been made to content in Editmode, see who they were made by, and roll back where necessary.
Branching brings the power of git and the familiarity of Github into Editmode. Use branches to enable local development workflows, set up "staging" environments, and even run a/b tests. Branches allow you to create a full replica of your entire project (including structured content, rich text, and images), make changes, and then publish those changes, together, when they're ready.
Admin API
The Admin API allows you to provide Editmode functionality to your end users. Create new users and projects, populate them with pre-defined content and more.
Private Content
By default, the Editmode "GET Chunk" API endpoint is unauthenticated. Private content imposes authentication by default on all content requested from the Editmode API. 
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A/B Testing
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Editmode For Figma
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What frameworks can I use with Editmode?
Currently, we have official libraries for Ruby on Rails, React, and React Native, and a community-contributed library for Crystal. See our docs for more info
What is a "chunk"?
A chunk is a single piece of content which is given a unique identifier on the Editmode platform. It can be plain text, rich text, image, or hybrid.
Do I need to enter my credit card details to start using Editmode?
No! You can register for an account right now and start using our Community account 😁
I'd like to learn more about how the product works and how my team can use it. Can I book a demo?
Absolutely, you can book a demo with our team here
I have an existing codebase. How can I import my content into Editmode?
Currently, the Editmode plugin for VS Code is the quickest way to get existing content into Editmode. We are also working on a command-line-interface and an import tool in the content hub. For larger projects, we are also more than happy to offer a concierge service to get initial content imported. Reach out to us at [email protected] or using the chat button at the bottom of the page.
What is a "collection"?
A collection is a way of grouping together content that has the same fields.
What is a "hybrid" chunk?
A hybrid chunk is a chunk that belongs to a collection.
What is an "Atomic" CMS?
An atomic CMS does not require content structure to be defined before content can be stored and served. This makes it much more suitable for standalone content like product copy and landing page text than structured Content Management Systems like Contentful.
Where is Editmode content served from?
Editmode uses a globally distributed content delivery network (powered by Cloudflare) to serve content to your end users. This means that no matter where your users are in the world, it'll take on average 1/10th of a second to serve them content.
What happens if Editmode or one of Editmode's providers goes down? Will that affect my user's experience?
The Editmode API is cached at the edge (via Cloudflare), meaning that even in the very unlikely event of an Editmode interruption, content will continue to be served. Additionally, the Editmode client libraries impose server-side (rails) and client-side (react) caching, and allow fallback content to defined directly in the codebase, or in a separate resource file. Combined, these measures make it extremely unlikely that an Editmode service outage affecting your users will occur.
What happens if Editmode goes out of business?
You can read our Continuity Promise here.
My preferred framework is not listed. Can I still use Editmode?
If we don't currently support your chosen framework, there's a good chance you can still do what you need with the Editmode API. If you have a large need for Editmode and we don't currently support your chosen stack/framework, please email us at [email protected]
Is Editmode open source?
The core Editmode platform is not open source, but our client libraries are. You can browse them here.
Some features are listed as "coming soon". How can I find out when those features will be available?
Our roadmap is highly dependent on our business, which changes a lot, so we don't list public deadlines for specific features, but if you reach out to us at [email protected] or using the chat button below, we may be able to shed a little more light.

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Editmode lets our design, engineering & marketing teams work in parallel without getting in each other's way, and then find whatever content they need, when they need it. It's really levelled up our process.

Xavi Ablaza
Founder, Makisu

Changing product copy after it goes live has always been a huge pain. Editmode has made it a pleasure. I love it.

Brian Mckiernan
PM, Intercom

I’m loving Editmode for allowing non-technical users to make changes. It’s "i18n.t" on steroids.

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