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Make Any Website Editable
Plain text, rich text, images, repeatable content. Point. Click. Edit
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Crazy Simple
No need for a clunky CMS. You or your clients simply point, click, and edit.
Point click edit
Maintain Creative Control
Allow clients to edit
without affecting
design & layout

No more "Oops! I think I broke the site. Can you fix?".
Just Enough CMS
Start Simple. Add structure incrementally.
Chunk types
Create content before you’ve defined your information architecture.
Allow users to edit content direct in page, or via the CMS.
Use alongside an existing CMS, or as a thin layer on top.
Bring your own stack
Works with the tools you already use, on the platform you're already on.
Integrate in minutes, not days.
Use our plugins to add Editmode to your codebase in 2 steps.
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What's Coming
More Platforms
Wordpress, Gatsby, Laravel, Django, and many more.
Version Control
See who changed content and roll back to previous versions.
Draft Mode
Work on new versions of your site before publishing.
Discuss content and copy with team members directly where it appears by clicking and commenting.
How does Editmode work?
Editmode's server-side plugins replace your static content with content pulled from a (mostly invisible) API. Then editmode.js, once authenticated, turns these areas into contenteditable regions. When you make inline changes on your site, the updates are sent back to the Editmode API, and the relevant cache keys are expired. This means that all your content is also available via the Editmode API, and the Editmode CMS, if you need them. While this all sounds a little complicated, most of it happens quietly behind the scenes. All you need to do is install the relevant plugin and swap out your text. For more info, check out our docs.
Who is Editmode For?
Editmode was designed for several use cases. Its primary goal is to make it trivially easy to make content changes to websites without the need for technical assistance. Marketing teams, agencies, small businesses, and freelance designers and developers can all benefit from using it. It is most useful in cases where your website's design won't change but the content will.
What does Editmode cost?
Because we're still in beta, we haven't yet decided on our pricing. We would expect we'll charge a monthly subscription that will scale in step with the size of the team using it - smaller teams will pay less. Beyond that, we're not sure.
When will Editmode be available on my platform?
We're working hard on getting the core product right on a platform we're familiar with - ruby on rails. Once we're happy with the product experience, we'll be quickly integrating with the platforms you know and love. If you have a specific use case that's not supported, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to me on twitter or email us
Can I use Editmode now?
If your website is built on Ruby on Rails, and you're willing to use the product while it's in beta, I would love to give you access. Please email us here and we'll get you set up.
Who's behind Editmode?
Editmode is built and maintained by a small, distributed team, led by Tony Ennis. In previous roles Tony was CTO at Web Summit and most recently Co-Founder & CTO at First Circle. We'll be looking to scale product development and operational capacity in 2020, so if you'd like to work with us, please get in touch
Launching Soon
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