Your team deserves to work on the same content without disturbing one another! Our branching feature enables this with added functionality like merging branches directly or through webhooks, view version history, and much more.


A Dedicated Branching Section

Branching is a first-class citizen in Editmode, with a dedicated place to manage your branches inside the Content Hub.


Branching Where Your Content Appears

Ever wanted to find out how your product copy would look where it appears before the release?

Editmode gives you the superpower to glide through different versions of your content to see how they appear right inside your Website/Webapp, while also having the power to modify it right there, Inline!


Conflict Resolution

Merging branches with different content together is totally hassle free with our Conflict Resolution mechanism.

Compare the content and choose what overrides and what doesn’t!


Complete branching history

Our Activity Logs show you a complete history of which branches were merged, and the content that was changed for a particular merge.

Have the power to access your lost content and to compare the old and new. No more - Oops, we lost the branch.

Use Cases

Roll Back

Easily roll back changes

Multiple Environments

Easily manage multiple environments

Branch Merge Hooks

Content merging in sync with your deployments with Branch merge hooks

Work Simultaneously

Work on several versions of a webpage at the same time

Don’t take our word for it

Here's what our customers have to say

Editmode lets our design, engineering & marketing teams work in parallel without getting in each other's way, and then find whatever content they need, when they need it. It's really levelled up our process.

Xavi Ablaza
Founder, Makisu

Changing product copy after it goes live has always been a huge pain. Editmode has made it a pleasure. I love it.

Brian Mckiernan
PM, Intercom

I’m loving Editmode for allowing non-technical users to make changes. It’s "i18n.t" on steroids.

Daniel Kehoe
Author, Learn Ruby on Rails

Teams that want results trust Editmode

Know how branching can be helpful for your team?


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