Product Engineer.

Full Time
₱40,000 → ₱100,000
Closing on
April 30th

We're looking for an enthusiastic, creative hacker to help us build the de-facto content API for the internet. 

About The Company
At Editmode we want to give developers the tools to stop storing content in their codebase, and to remove the technical bottleneck for making changes to web sites and web apps. You can read a little bit more about that here.

Our small team is currently all Manila-based, but we are fully remote and plan to remain so for the long term. We are still a relatively young company and as such all of our team members, myself included, have T-shaped skillsets - this is the most important trait we're looking for in the chosen candidate. 

Our current technology stack consists of: 
  • A rails monolith that powers our API and core application.
  • A rails gem used by our customers with rails codebases.
  • A react npm package used by our customers with react codebases.
  • Text editor plugins for VS Code and Sublime Text.

What's Required
  • Experience with, and ideally a passion for, building products and features in vertical, rather than horizontal slices - i.e. where you're responsible for the entire feature being used by the customer, not just a small part of it (backend, frontend etc.).
  • A genuine interest and belief in the product we're building, preferably informed by having felt similar pains in the past. 
  • Strong end-user empathy - the tendency to think from the perspective of the person who'll be using the feature you're working on, and advocate on their behalf, ideally coupled with experience working very close to customers.
  • Strong problem-solving capability - you've internalised that a software program's behaviour is never random, and have developed an intuition for knowing where to look when encountering unexpected behaviour.
  • The ability to pick up our stack relatively quickly - this can mean that you've built with rails and react before, but that's not a pre-requisite. The only pre-requisite is that you can hit the ground running.
  • Opinions on design - spotting bad design and creating good design are two separate skills - we don't expect you to have the latter, but we'd prefer you to be better-than-average at the former, and to be able to draw attention when this jeopardises the user's experience of what you're building.
  • An appreciation for, and inclination towards writing, particularly technical writing. The ideal candidate will have a habit of using writing for technical purposes to document and communicate with team members, allowing us to work productively asynchronously. 
  • The ability to communicate effectively in English, in spoken and written contexts.

What's not required
  • X years of experience with Y technology
  • Educational credentials - Have a doctorate? Great. Haven't been to high school? Also great. Once you can do the things up there ☝️ on the required list, it doesn't really matter to us.
  • Extensive work experience - ideally you've built some stuff you can show us, and can demonstrate working effectively on teams, but we don't need a long list of all the places you've put in time.

How We Work
We're still early in our journey, and experimenting, but for now we're really enjoying an almost completely asynchronous workflow. We have intentionally avoided setting up a company Slack, opting instead for a single, quiet Telegram channel, and another tool we use to post asynchronous updates that get delivered to email with the ability to respond. We do a 30 minute daily call in the evening, but the rest of the day is left as much as possible undisturbed for creative work. 

To Apply 
Email [email protected] with your CV and a few sentences outlining why you think you're a fit. A short loom video introducing yourself would be very helpful, but is not required.  

  • After that, we'll set up some calls with team members and get to know each other. On these we'll elaborate a little more on the specifics, and try to drill down on some of the requirements listed above. We might ask you to screen share and walk us through some examples of products and codebases you've worked on.
  • We'll make a decision and let both chosen and unchosen candidates know. Our target for this is April 30, 2021 but it may run slightly longer.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and good luck!

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